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Brianna Knight, a mom and Fresno community ambassador, talks about losing one of her twins, life after loss, and her journey to being okay.


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Gifty Kwofie, a mom, health educator, and the Fresno County Perinatal Equity Initiative coordinator, talks about celebrating every birth and her desire to reduce health disparities for Black and African American communities in Fresno.


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Shawn, a father and the director of Fresno's Local Conservation Corps, talks about losing his mother at a young age and the importance of fathers in children's lives.


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Breyonna, a mom and doula, talks being squeezed out of the medical school pipeline and how anthropology helped her connect her passion to her community. 


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Bridgette Blebu, researcher, on why working with the community to understand the high Black maternal and infant mortality rate is pivotal and the Fresno EMBRACE study on group prenatal care.


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Kendalyn Mack-Franklin, sister, doula, and community engagement specialist, on not knowing her father had experienced infant mortality, engaging communities, and being a birthworker in Fresno.


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Nia Parks, mom and advocate, on miscarriages, abortions, pregnancy, and supporting women no matter what choices they make.


Shatanya Nunn, mom and Fresno community ambassador, on her experience losing her son Lavon.
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